Frequently Asked Questions

Email Problems?

  1. Is the Internet up? Can you view a range of websites? Try one you don't usually visit.
  2. If the Internet is not up contact your Internet Service Provider.
  3. If the Internet is up can you get your email via webmail? Enter the following address into your web browser: webmail.yourdomainname. For you would enter
  4. Enter your user name (full email address) and password.
  5. Forgotten your password? Email us and we will either let you know your password or reset it and advise you.
  6. If you enter your user name and password into webmail and it doesn't work it probably means that your password has changed so email us as above and we will reset.
  7. If you can login via webmail it means that you have a setting wrong in your email client - Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Outlook Express.
  8. In Outlook (may vary slightly depending on the version this is for Outlook 2003) go to TOOLS>EMAIL ACCOUNTS Click NEXT. The first email address will be displayed and highlighted click the CHANGE TAB.
  9. Look at the Incoming Mail Server POP3 field. Make sure it has mail.yourdomainname inserted. EG. For WWWShop you would enter
  10. Click NEXT and FINISH and check your email again.
  11. For Outlook Express (6) go to TOOLS>ACCOUNTS Click on the MAIL tab.
  12. Highlight the first email account and click PROPERTIES. Click the SERVERS TAB,
  13. Make sure you're your Incoming Mail (POP3) field contains the information above. mail.yourdomainname.
  14. SAVE and CLOSE and try again.

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