We provide a complete and comprehensive set of Web Development Services. Our Web Development Process incorporates the following steps:
Step 1

1. Analysis


We look at your existing digital assets, review & report on these key areas (depending on your brief):

  • Design - use of modern design principals. How does the website look on an iPad? Is it responsive to tablets and smart phones?
  • Layout - Does the layout maximise usability? Where are the most important call to action items of the site positioned?
  • Search Engine Compatibility - does the site rank well for your desired key words? Are modern SEO tactics and technologies being used to best effect?
  • Management Software - How was the website or web based management system built? Is it secure, robust, fast and backed up? Does it provide for effective and efficient business operations? Does it integrate into industry portals and accounting systems to reduce double handling and waste?

Step 2

2. Strategy


We evaluate and discuss your Web strategy to ensure it fits & is compatible with your digital marketing plan by reviewing your:

  • Social media assets and strategy
  • Email Marketing assets and strategy
  • Google Adwords campaigns and strategy

Step 3

3. Architecture


We review your IT infrastructure to ensure:

  • The website's structure, layout, functionality and back-end systems are fully integrated,
  • The underlying software and operating systems are modern,
  • There are trained and qualified developers in the market able to improve the applications
  • The hosting of the infrastructure is secure, robust, modern and reliable.

Step 4

4. Design


Our design process mimics our process overall, with a high amount of iteration and testing for a seamless user experience, and is just as meticulous. Highly trained and well qualified Graphic and Web Designers are employed.


Step 5

5. Development


We specialise in improving your existing web applications or writing new applications from scratch.

Our proven 3 step development methodology:

  • Discuss, Document, Decide
  • Design, Build, Stage (test)
  • Revise, Load Content, Go Live

Step 6

6. Positioning


By using modern technology that is search engine compatible.

We position the application in major search engines to meet your requirements & for maximum exposure to your target market.


Step 7

7. Monitoring


We provide 30 days of high touch support and monitoring post live to ensure the correct operation of the application at all times.

Check out a list of our selected works below or explore some of the frameworks that we work with:

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