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ZendThe Zend Framework is a software framework for PHP7. It has a flexible architecture enabling the rapid development of interactive web applications and web services. One of its strengths is the highly modular Model-View-Controller (MVC) design paradigm, that makes the code more reusable and easier to maintain. The Framework was publicly announced at the first Zend Conference in October 2005.

The component structure of Zend Framework 1,2 or 3 is unique; each component is designed with few dependencies on other components. It follows the object oriented design principle. This architecture allows developers to use whichever components they want. We support Pyrus and Composer as installation and dependency tracking mechanisms for the framework as a whole and for each component, further enhancing this design.

While they can be used separately, Zend Framework components in the standard library form a powerful and extensible web application framework when combined. Also, it offers a robust, high performance MVC implementation, a database abstraction that is simple to use, and a forms component that implements HTML5 form rendering, validation, and filtering so that developers can consolidate all of these operations using one easy-to-use, object oriented interface. Other components, such as Zend\Authentication and Zend\Permissions\Acl, provide user authentication and authorization against all common credential stores.

Still others, with the ZendService namespace, implement client libraries to simply access the most popular web services available. Whatever your application needs are, you're likely to find a Zend Framework component that can be used to dramatically reduce development time with a thoroughly tested foundation. The principal sponsor of the Zend Framework is Zend Technologies, but many companies have contributed components or significant features to the framework. Companies such as Google, Microsoft and StrikeIron have partnered with Zend to provide interfaces to web services and other technologies they wish to make available to Zend Framework developers. We have been working with Zend Framework based applications since 2010.

Our PHP Developers are Melbourne, Australia based but we have local and international clients over the globe. We can provide you with hourly rates, daily rates or fixed quotes for your new Zend Framework projects. We are also well placed to provide support and maintenance to your existing Zend Framework implementation.

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