Symfony Framework

SymfonySymfony is what we call a full stack PHP Developer Web applications framework. That means using any part of it depends on you using all of it. For instance, you must use the framework's data access library, MVC architecture, code-generating scaffolding, etc. and these components all rely on each other working together to form the complete framework.

It was originally conceived by the PHP developers over at the interactive agency Sensio Labs for the development of web sites for its own customers. Symfony was published by the agency in 2005 under MIT Open Source license and today it is among the leading frameworks available for PHP development.

Supported by Sensio Labs - but also by a large developer community - Symfony has many resources: plentiful documentation, community support (mailing lists, IRC, etc.), professional support (consulting, training, etc.), and so on.

Now available in version 3.x, Symfony already has, among the hundreds of sites and applications developed on its platform, prestigious references, such as Yahoo!, Dailymotion,, and even Drupal and phpBB. We can provide you with hourly rates, daily rates or fixed quotes for your new Symfony projects. We are also well placed to provide support and maintenance to your existing Symfony implementation. Or we can simply help you install and configure the Symfony framework on an existing server or host it on our dedicated web servers. Recent Symfony developments by us include major Australian Hardware brand Mitre 10 and work with 7 Eleven and the National Heart Foundation . We have also created an Event Management System and full Content Management System using the Symfony framework.

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