Email Marketing that Creates Corporate Heros

Have you asked your customers? You probably have hundreds... maybe thousands of customers if you're a small to medium enterprise. Those customers have dealt with you or continue to deal with you because there is something about either the service you provide or the products you sell that they like.

Therefore it's not too big a stretch to think that if they were asked to opt in to either a regular or occasional newsletter to hear about new services, new products, new staff, new ways you're doing business, new store openings, new website openings, parties, competitions, promotions etc. a large percentage of them probably would.

Easy to Use

Email Marketing Stats

Then, if you had an easy to use and manage email marketing system that was web based and simple to create and send a clear concise and beautiful looking email to these customers you might actually remind them that you are still around and that may cause them to call you or order something by linking from the email into your website.

And if you had a really good web based reporting system that was integrated with your Google Analytics account that showed you how many of these customers of yours clicked on the email to open it, then clicked on a link, then went through the checkout process or filled out an order form wouldn't that give you some sort of ROI that allowed to either justify the spend in your own mind or become a hero with the crew at the top of the company?

Hero Status

Now that you're a hero on the top floor you can start to segment your new online customer database and really fire off narrow and highly targeted offers to further improve your ROI and keep everybody from saying it was all just a fluke. Now that you have this strong relationship with your customers and nobody knows or understands how you do it you have this powerful sustainable competitive advantage in the workplace and can start assassinating all those other threats until you stand tall as the lone Marketing Guru in your organisation!

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