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Google Analytics offers a host of compelling features and benefits for everyone from senior executives and advertising and marketing professionals to site owners and content developers.

We will provide you with the following services:

Google Analytics Implementation

  • We Paste the Google Analytics tracking code into each of your website pages and tracking begins immediately.

Keyword and Campaign Comparison

  • Track and compare all your ads, email newsletters, affiliate campaigns, referrals, paid links, and keywords on Google and other search engines.

Custom Dashboards

  • Put all the information you need on a custom Dashboard that you can email to others.

AdWords Integration

  • Buy keywords on Google AdWords (additional) and use Google Analytics to learn which keywords are most profitable to your business.

Trend and Date Slider

  • Compare time periods and select date ranges without losing sight of long term trends.

Ecommerce Tracking

  • Trace transactions to campaigns and keywords, get loyalty and latency metrics, and identify your revenue sources.

Funnel Visualization

  • Find out which pages result in lost conversions and where your would-be customers go.

Site Overlay

  • See traffic and conversion information for every link as you browse your site.

Google Adwords

  • Google Adwords Reach people when they are actively looking for information about your products and services online, and send targeted visitors directly to what you are offering. With AdWords cost-per-click pricing, it's easy to control costs - and you only pay when people click on your ad. We create your ads and choose the most appropriate keywords based on our price, popularity and relevance. Your ads appear on Google When people search on Google using one of your keywords, your ad may appear next to the search results. Now you're advertising to an audience that's already interested in you. You attract customers People can simply click your ad to make a purchase or learn more about you. We optimise your website so that your website will be ranked more highly. We do this by adding links, optimising the content and the structure of the HTML code to improve the chances of a high Google ranking.

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